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Posted: 15 July 2005 at 17:10

Work notes

1) The company I work for has several measures to keep track of store performance. My store is currently residing at #1 in several of these performance measures. Some are measured in relation to ‘the group’ of local stores (about 30), and others (including some of the #1 positioning) rank the 1200+ stores across the country. And we don’t even try that hard…

2) We still have broken air-con. The heatwave doesn’t help either!

3) It appears that the official method for ICT support to bypass user account access restrictions (which apply to even the restaurant manager), is to type the path to in MS Word, and click on the automatically-generated hyperlink. I’m sure Microsoft would be thrilled to learn that ‘a-well-known-japanese-tech-company’ and ‘a-well-known-fast-food-giant’ consider this acceptable practice.

4) It also appears that ICT support are inept. Putting the system clock back a day, and then jumping 2 does not solve connection errors. It also causes havoc for many system functions. Note to ‘Adam’ from support – Windows is case-insensitive, changing C:\TEMP to c:\temp is a little pointless, and still won’t solve network communication errors…

5) Did I mention the aircon is still broke…

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